"Get well simply by using
               acupressure points"
Rheumatoid arthritis  
Pain Relief
Desensitize teeth
Elbow pain / tennis elbow
Eliminate back pain  * HOT!
Eliminate shoulder pain
Get rid of headaches  * HOT!
Get rid of migraines  * HOT!
Get rid of toothache
Hip pain
Knee pain
Menstrual pain relief
Painful joints relief
Pre-menstrual migraine
Rheumatoid arthritis
Sinus headache relief
Sore throat
Stiff neck relief
Wrist pain - carpal canal syndrom

Whether you're just starting your progress down the Rheumatoid Arthritis Road with stiff, sore hands and feet, or you've already traveled all too far along that awful rest-of-your-life journey...


You quickly learn to dread those inevitable flare-ups the most. Swollen, stiff joints. Long, pain-filled nights where sleep is impossible.


Flare-ups quickly drain your strength and - worse - sap your ability to act like a rational human being.


Wouldn't it be great if you could somehow store that pain-filled body, your "self", in one of those self-storage units? Then you could go about your business and pick up that "self" when the flare-up had passed.


What if I could show you a scientifically-developed technique that works even better than your self-storage fantasy?


Yeah, sure. Dream on, right? No such thing! No way!


Such thing - Way!


Research has produced a wonderful technique that helps calm those terrible flare-ups, allowing you to motorgate around on your own, even to sleep comfortably at night with minimal morning stiffness!


Sadly, nothing will cure your RA. We both know that.


But this technique does help ease those symptoms by using your own innate powers. Fast, easy, non-addictive, non-invasive, totally natural, you can use it any where, any time you want.


Sound too good to be true (am I repeating myself, myself, myself)?

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