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Wrist pain - carpal canal syndrom  
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Wrist pain - carpal canal syndrom

Your hands are your life-line. Typing to communicate, to preserve information, to present new material...


Your hands create as well. Cooking top-quality meals, crafting amazingly delicate projects to the delight of friends and family...


Or maybe making music by playing an instrument. Haunting melodies, soothing lullabies, delightful to-tapping tunes that brighten moods like a sunny day...


But one day you feel an ominous tingling in your hands and fingers, with pain in your wrist. Or maybe a numbness like when your foot goes to sleep.


Then you discover your hands are losing their strength as pain radiates up your fore-arms, until you can scarcely move your fingers without pain. Sleep gets more and more difficult.


Physically debilitating; psychologically depressing. Carpal Tunnel is a terrible condition to live with.


What if I told you there is a natural, easy and inexpensive technique that you can start using today to ease your painful wrists until you can see a doctor. Better yet - this technique will compliment the doctor's treatments nicely, enhancing the effectiveness.


Nothing addictive. Nothing invasive. Totally works with powers you already possess, lying dormant within you.


Sound like a miracle? It is.


Your own human body and mind are both chock-full of miracles, just waiting to be activated.


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