"Get well simply by using
               acupressure points"
How to get rid of toothache?  
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Get rid of toothache
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How to Turn Off That Sledgehammer?


When your tooth hurts, it demands attention. No way can you ignore that little sucker! No more than you could ignore a sledgehammer slamming into your jaw, over and over and over.


Sure, there are home-grown remedies you can try that help you cope. These deliver an all-too-brief period of only a wee bit of relief. Takes the edge off the pain, sort of.


So why bother popping pills, squirting goo or stuffing cloves on that baby? All that does is drain your wallet.


Okay, Getting To a Dentist Is Your Ultimate Solution Here


But until that appointment, here's a way that allows you to at least function like a normal human being: a technique that is non-invasive, non-addicting, no-medications, and very effective. 


Best of all, you can use this miraculous toothache-relieving technique anytime you like, anywhere you happen to be. No drugs. No expensive remedies.  


Announcing... 'Get rid of toothache' Acupressure Points Video


In this high-quality video you'll discover exactly how to find and stimulate a specific combination of acupressure points that will very quickly help you get rid of that unpleasant toothache.


Toothache acupressure points video

FIGURE: Screenshot of one of the acupoints in the video. Every step of locating and stimulating it is shown and explained in detail (see text for more information).


Begin using the power of your own body today. Get the video and make sure your wait for the dentist appointment won't be so unnecessarily painful.

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