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               acupressure points"
Break the chain of depressive thoughts  
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Break the chain of depressive thoughts
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"I used to have a handle on life but it broke." -- anonymous


Depression sneaks up when you're not looking.


Starts with an everyday sad mood that feels like a passing cloud-shadow. This mood morphs into a more entrenched case of the blues, where the sparkle fades from life, leaving your world bleak and gray.


From there your blues quickly descend into a full-blown depression, where "what does it matter" or "who cares" can dominate your every thought. By this time you feel sort of like your brain has turned to a malignant mass of black rotted jelly.


 Very not good.


Deep in your mind you're aware that you absolutely must break free from those self-sabotaging depression thoughts.


You must do something to put the sunshine back in your life, pull yourself back from that terrible edge of black nothing.


Here's some good news for you!


There is a simple technique, remedy if you like, for this mind-boggling down-slide.


Using this powerful technique is safe, easy, natural and non-addicting. You don't even have to leave home to use it!


Imagine how miraculous it would be to once again enjoy the beauty of a lovely Bluebird... to delight in the magic of a frog posing for you on a rock... to be greeted with a friend's smile.


Life is so full of joyous miracles! Here's how you can re-discover them:


Announcing... 'Break The Chain Of Depressive Thoughts'

Acupressure Points Video


In this unique, high-quality and easy-to-use video you’ll discover exactly how to locate and stimulate a specific combination of acupressure points that will help you get rid of depressive thoughts that might be haunting you right now.


Eliminate depressive thoughts acupressure points video

FIGURE: Screenshot of one of the acupoints in the video. Every step of locating and stimulating it is shown and explained in detail (see text for more information). 



With stimulation of these points you will:


  • Break the chain of depressive thoughts;
  • Raise your energy levels;
  • Stimulate the release of pleasure hormones which work to greatly enhance the function of your creative/adaptive part of the brain, making you much more at peace;
  • Gain an optimistic attitude towards life in general.


So... stop those depressive thoughts dead in their tracks. Grab this video now and begin harnessing the power of acupoint stimulation...

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