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About US  

  Dr. Milena-Plut Podvrsic 

At the end of her 20 years of working as a medical doctor and lecturer she received several awards for her work and even more importantly, many acknowledgements from her patients. Although she loved her job as a medical doctor, she found that she became more and more interested in complementary and alternative medicine, especially acupuncture. She studied traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in China. Possessing a curious mind and a will to help others, she has expanded her field of knowledge into reflexology, color therapy, mental dynamics and psycho-cybernetics.

Believing in only those practices that are good for their patients, she combined the two most effective branches available to better peoples’ health. This makes her one of the pioneers of combining modern medicine with its alternative counterpart.

During her medical career, she discovered that she wanted to spend more time with her patients and give them more attention than she could offer them working as a medical doctor. For this reason she decided to open her own private practice, using a combination of modern medicine and acupuncture. Immediately, she was amazed at the remarkable success of her therapies for her patients and this still motivates her today.

She has always said that she learns most from her patients.
Now, after 25 years of practicing alternative and complementary medicine in combination with modern medicine and studying different fields of therapies, she can write a long list of achievements in her resume.

Here are just few:

  • member of the Committee for Verification and Validation of National Profession Qualification
  • member of the Examining Commission
  • member of the Executive Committee  of Section of Natural Healing Therapists
  • involved in the preparation of the legislature for complementary medicine
  • president of the Program for Methods of Natural Healing
  • collector and editor of the material for Fundamental Medical Qualification, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Reflexology for Training Natural Healing Therapists

She has also written a book (translates as “Pathway to the Heart”), where she brought a healthy way of living and alternative medicine closer to the broader public. The book was one of the 10 bestselling books of the year.



Bostjan Podvrsic

As a biologist, he’s always been curious about the structure of nature and how things work. He specialized in physiology, anatomy and morphology and acquired his diploma biology with a thesis on Facial reconstruction at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

He has always known that he would like to work with nature and people. Having a mother, who is one of the pioneers of combining modern and alternative medicine (acupuncture) in Slovenia, it was almost impossible for him to grow up without an interest in this vocation. As a young boy he was already looking through medical books and always wanted to know why and how things work.

By coincidence he started to study Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) 10 years ago. Besides his academic work, he also works as a TCM therapist. His curiosity led him to attend and graduate from many different courses in the field. One of these was reflexology, which continues to fascinate him to this day. Being a man of science, he is always skeptical at first. That is why he constantly follows advancements in his area of expertise through scientific publications.

With his experience in sports (he was a professional indoor volleyball and beach volley player) he later dedicated his work to alternative and modern medicine in the science of sport.


Blaz Banic

Blaz was fascinated by programming since his early childhood. After acquiring some skills in several computer programming languages such as Assembler, Turbo Pascal and Basic, his interest took him to another level of programming… The programming of life itself, the DNA.


He acquired his diploma in molecular biology at the University of Ljubljana, however during the studies his interest took yet another slight turn… While studying physiology and neuro-ethology (study of the working of neurology and how and why it produces behavior), he became fascinated by the workings of the human mind. He furthered his understanding of the structure and functioning of the human brain while studying medicine at the Medical faculty in Ljubljana.


Pretty soon his interest in programming the human mind took him on the path of discovering Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), hypnosis and cognitive psychology in general, all of which he’s been studying intensively in his spare time since 2004.


He is now a post-graduate student of Biomedicine at the Medical faculty in Ljubljana and while his academic work revolves around biochemistry and toxicology, he spent most of his spare time in the last few years on researching subliminal perception and preconscious processing.


After accidentally coming about the information that acupressure and reflexology can have direct and indirect effect on brain activity and behavior, he was hooked.


Having access to scientific journals, he was able to obtain the latest cutting-edge research on acupressure and acupuncture and it's beneficial effects on both physical and mental health.