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They say that a picture is worth 1000 words, and although this generally is the case, a video is worth much more.


This is especially true whenever you are trying to teach a method, such as acupressure to the viewers. Although you certainly can give a little bit of information through the use of pictures and informative text, a video goes above and beyond that in a number of different ways.


If you're interested in learning how to apply acupressure to yourself or others properly, here is why an acupressure video can teach you faster and more accurately what needs to be done.


One of the first reasons why you should always use an acupressure video when learning these new methods is because of the precision that is necessary in order to get them to work properly. Many times, these acupressure points are less than half a millimeter across, and if you are just a little bit off to the side of the point, you will not get any benefit from it at all.


An acupressure video will typically walk you through the process of finding the points properly by lining up certain parts of the body and feeling your way to where the point is located.


Another reason why acupressure video is much better than pictures is because you can often have the video in front of you in a way that is not possible with images. It is not simply a matter of watching the video and then going out and practicing it.


The majority of us are going to watch the acupressure video at the same exact time that we are trying to locate and manipulate these points on the body. If we are able to do these two things in connection with each other, either watching the video on our computer screen or perhaps the TV, we will stand a much better chance of finding success in the acupressure that we are trying to apply.


Finally, other aspects of the acupressure video may assist you in being able to find these points as well.


A voiceover that is included on the video, as well as subtitles that will give you additional assistance are all ways of making this a little bit easier for you. As a matter of fact, once you begin using an acupressure video, you will have a difficult time ever returning to using an image and text format again.