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What is the p6 acupressure point (Pc 6) and what are the benefits?
Acupressure is an ancient medicinal practice that, when properly done, can help ease pain and cure health issues. Many people have had success using acupressure to treat obesity, headaches, body aches, chest pain and many other problems. The p6 acupressure point in particular is one of many pressure points on the body that help ease pain, read on to learn how it’s used.
How can you use the p6 acupressure point?
The p6 point is associated with healing and treating chest pain, stomach aches, vomiting, epilepsy, strokes, migraines and fevers. The pressure point is located right in the middle of the wrist about one to two inches below where the wrist meets the hand. The point is located between two tendons.
When properly applied pressure is present the desired effect should take place. There should be reduced pain and tension in the associated body parts and organs. Using this pressure point is a great way to get instant relief and to cure yourself naturally.
There are of course many other pressure points you can take advantage of when it comes to acupressure however.
If you want to know more about the available points you should go to our main acupressure points web site since the p6 acupressure point is only one of many located on the body.
You can heal anything from a headache to the common cold all through using very simple acupressure points on the body.
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