"Get well simply by using
               acupressure points"
Choose from one of the titles below:


Allergy reduction
Cold hands and feet
Dry eyes
Frozen shoulder
Gas problems (bloating)
Get rid of mouth sores
Get rid of warts
Heartburn (Pyrosis)
Improve your digestive system
Low blood pressure  * SOON!
Nausea treatment
Prostatitis (inflammation)  * NEW!
Reduce acne
Reduce excessive sweating
Reduce food cravings (decrease apetite)
Remove spider veins
Sneezing too much
Swollen joints relief
Tinnitus (ringing in ears)
Trembling hands

Health Management

Boost your immune system
Clear up nail problems
Cure hangover
Have stronger and better quality hair
Stop feeling sleepy after a meal

Pain Relief

Desensitize teeth
Elbow pain / tennis elbow
Eliminate back pain  * HOT!
Eliminate shoulder pain
Get rid of headaches  * HOT!
Get rid of migraines  * HOT!
Get rid of toothache
Hip pain
Knee pain
Menstrual pain relief
Painful joints relief
Pre-menstrual migraine
Rheumatoid arthritis
Sinus headache relief
Sore throat
Stiff neck relief
Wrist pain - carpal canal syndrom

Mental Health Disorders

Anxiety attack
Break the chain of depressive thoughts
Quit smoking
Stop biting your nails

Personal Developement

Anti-aging (fountain of youth)  * HOT!
Become satisfied with your body
Break unwanted habits
Eliminate indecisiveness
Energy booster (Natural "Doping")
Get rid of irrelevant thoughts
Self confidence booster
Stop self-hate
Treat And Beat Cellulite

Stress Management

Dreams disturb your sleep
Reduce nervousness and tension
Stop burn-out
Stop negative thoughts
Stop obsessive thoughts

Fears and Phobias

Eliminate fear of exams
Fear of public speaking  * HOT!
Fear of the future
Stop being afraid


Acupressure videos - Helping you help yourself

"Who Else Wants To Uncover An

Ancient Healing Technique That Brings Miraculous Results Every Time?"

Acupressure is scientifically proven to help you get rid of pain,

nausea, anxiety, quit smoking, regain perfect hormonal balance and more! All YOU do is press firmly on certain points on your body


 Acupressure videos authors

From the desk of: Bostjan Podvrsic

Subject: Self help instructional acupressure videos


If you can watch TV and follow simple instructions, we can show you how to quickly and effectively locate and stimulate specific combinations of acupressure points that will help you eliminate many health related issues in the comfort of your own home!

Learn how to feel better and stay healthy…without pills!


Find out exactly how to:


Get rid of pain almost instantly and keep it away


Cure a hangover in minutes


Take better care of your teeth


Get rid of allergies


Strengthen your immune system


Enjoy an anti-aging treatment ("The Fountain of Youth")


Get rid of indigestion


Get rid of heartburn fast and keep it away


Fall asleep easily every night


Clear up acne


Work on your psychological states and concepts such as fear, happiness and self esteem


Tennis elbow pain...

The list goes on...



Once you learn how to stimulate your body’s acupressure points you can quickly and easily eliminate all sorts of specific health challenges.

 Acupressure has been used for healing for millennia and has stood the test of time!

Acupressure works!Acupressure is a part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is more than 3000 years old. That means more than 3000 years of developing, testing and improving over and over again.


In the last decade or so even the science picked up on efficiency of acupressure and many clinical trials have successfully been carried out...


Acupressure has already been scientifically proven extremely effective for pain relief, nausea control, muscle relaxation and anxiety alleviation!



Stimulation of acupressure points has been shown to stimulate nerves and muscles. Furthermore, fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) studies have shown that stimulation of certain acupressure points directly stimulates unexpected areas of the brain!



When you stimulate acupressure points, you also stimulate different internal organs and especially hormone glands, which control the level of hormones in your body. As you know, hormones literally control our body and by mastering them you master your body and your mind.


Here's what's important to know

about acupressure...

  • AcupressureAcupressure is a natural and noninvasive technique to help you eliminate many of your health issues

  • You use your fingers to press on specific acupressure points on your body, which in turn works on your neural system, muscle system and hormonal system

  • It's extremely easy to practice and complete beginners can quickly be shown how to practice it

  • Acupressure works on the ROOT CAUSE of the issue and not only on the symptoms, unlike most prescribed and non-prescribed drugs available today

  • There are no side effects except for some rare mild, transitional and very short-lived lightheadedness, nausea or pain at the point of stimulation

  • You can practice it completely by yourself - you need absolutely no help (our videos will guide you step-by-step)

  • It takes only about 10 minutes a day to complete

  • It works long after you're finished with the treatment (up to a whole year or more!)

  • We can also help other people with it (e.g. our loved ones)

  • There is no age restriction, it works for everybody

  • Acupuncture and acupressure are recognized by the National Institutes of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO)

How does acupressure work?

Acupressure meridianAlthough we don't know for sure yet, acupressure seems to work by producing specific physiological responses within the body as a result of pressing on specific combinations of acupressure points located towards the body surface.

As taught by Traditional Chinese medicine, by pressing on those points, we unblock the natural flow of Chi ("life energy" or "bio-potential" that flows through our bodies). This energy flows on special channels, called Meridians. There are 14 known meridians altogether and more than 365 specific acupressure points on each side of the body that were discovered to produce specific reactions during and after stimulation.

When our energy gets blocked or if it flows too freely through certain parts of the body, we sooner or later produce a pathological reaction in that area. If not mended, this can lead to illness or chronic pain.

By these teachings, some acupressure points unblock and speed up the flow of energy, some slow it down and some shift the flow of energy to another meridian.

It is important to know which acupressure points to stimulate in order to restore the natural flow of energy and get rid of the health issue.

On the image on the left, you can see one meridian ("Stomach" meridian) with it's corresponding acupressure points. The same meridian is also located on the other side of the body.

Acupressure as seen by medical doctorsOn the other hand, modern Western medicine looks at the workings of acupressure from a different angle.

Scientists have discovered that most acupressure points lie on the areas of joining of two or more nerves (synapses). This is how it's possible to either produce or block signals going through the nerves.

Furthermore, due to complex coupling of nerves in the Medulla and lack of sensitivity of interpretation centers in the brain, some strong signals produce effects on other, distant parts of the body (e.g. internal organs and hormone glands).

Some acupressure points are located on muscles and near tendons. These points are in the same spot as the sensors responsible for muscle tone. By knowing where to press, one has the ability to either contract or completely relax the muscles at will (which comes in handy when we're having a cramp or when, for example, our neck muscles are tense from stress, which usually leads to headaches).

In a way, acupressure (and acupuncture) gives us control over automatic processes in our bodies! Sometimes, due to lifestyle, these processes get distorted and can cause problems. Acupressure can then be used to gently bring them back to balance.

Interestingly, though, both theories aren't mutually exclusive as one explains the processes with energy flow and the other works purely on materialistic explanation. Recent experiments in quantum physics tend to allow such concepts as more than four dimensions that we directly experience in everyday life and hint on energies we have yet to fully discover and understand!

OK, Milena and Bostjan, I know

acupressure can help me but what

exactly are you offering me?

Acupressure videos

We are offering you access to unprecedented, high-quality video recordings of exactly how to locate and stimulate specific combinations of acupressure points to help you get rid of many of your health issues.

 Acupressure videos features

Over 3000 years of knowledge and over 30 years of clinical experience are now at your fingertips!

We use only easy to understand language so that you'll instantly know where the acupressure points are located

 We explain everything in detail so that you won't have to think or guess if you're doing it correctly

You'll discover the most powerful and effective acupressure points to help you with your health issue!

You'll be able to help yourself or your loved ones wherever you are - without pills or any other aid

With acupressure you'll attack your health issue at it's root - you'll eliminate the CAUSE and not only the symptom!

You'll save HUGE amounts of money by not having to see a therapist or not constanly buying pills that only relieve your symptoms but not the actual cause of your health issue!

These high-quality, one-of-the-kind video recordings are only available through our web site

After watching our videos, you'll be able to use your own hands to relieve yourself, your friends and loved ones from acute or chronic pain, eliminate nausea, get rid of anxiety, quit smoking or any other health issue from our list of available videos.

With each purchase, you'll also receive an INTRODUCTORY VIDEO that will explain some basic principles of acupressure and how to practice it so you'll be able to do it 100% correct every single time. We've designed these videos so even a small child could easily follow them and get it right.

We did everything so that you'd have firs-class information presented in an easy-to-follow format so that you'd be able to quickly get rid of your stubborn health issues and live the full life that you deserve and were meant to have.

About the authors of the

acupressure points videos

Milena Plut Podvrsic, M.D., certified acupuncturistAt the end of her years of working as a medical doctor and lecturer, she received several awards for her work and even more importantly, many acknowledgements from her patients.

Although she loved her job as a medical doctor, she found that she became more and more interested in complementary and alternative medicine, especially acupuncture.

She studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in China.

Possessing a curious mind and a will to help others, she has expanded her field of knowledge into reflexology, color therapy, mental dynamics and psycho-cybernetics.

AcupressureBelieving in only those practices that are good for their patients, she combined the two most effective branches available to better peoples’ health.

This makes her one of the pioneers of combining modern medicine with its alternative counterpart.

During her medical career, she discovered that she wanted to spend more time with her patients and give them more attention than she could offer them working as a medical doctor.

For this reason she decided to open her own private practice, using a combination of modern medicine and acupuncture.

Immediately, she was amazed at the remarkable success of her therapies for her patients and this still motivates her today.


Milena performing a lecture on acupressureShe has always said that she learns the most from her patients.


Now, after more than 30 years of practicing alternative and complementary medicine in combination with modern medicine and studying different fields of therapies, she can write a long list of achievements in her resume.


She's a member of the Committee for Verification and Validation of National Profession Qualification and a member of the Examining Commission.


She's a member of the Executive Committee of the Section of Natural Healing Therapists

Certificate to perform acupunctureAnd here are some more of her achievements:

  • involved in the preparation of the legislation for complementary medicine

  • president of the Program for Methods of Natural Healing

  • collector and editor of the material for Fundamental Medical Qualification, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Reflexology for Training Natural Healing Therapists


She has also written a book (translates as “Pathway to the Heart”), where she brought a healthy way of living and alternative medicine closer to the broader public. The book was one of the 10 bestselling books of the year.

Milena carefully chose the combinations of acupressure points for each health issue that we present in our videos. She also helped with the production of the videos and verified the end products.

Bostjan Podvrsic - Coauthor of the Acupressure videosAs a biologist, he’s always been curious about the structure of nature and how things work.

He specialized in physiology, anatomy and morphology and acquired his diploma biology with a thesis on Facial reconstruction at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

He has always known that he would like to work with nature and people. Having a mother, who is one of the pioneers of combining modern and alternative medicine (acupuncture) in Slovenia, it was almost impossible for him to grow up without an interest in this vocation.

As a young boy he was already looking through medical books and always wanted to know why and how things work.

Acupressure Gb 15By coincidence, he started to study Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) 10 years ago.

Besides his academic work, he also works as a TCM therapist. His curiosity led him to attend and graduate from many different courses in the field. One of these was reflexology, which continues to fascinate him to this day. Being a man of science, he is always skeptical at first. That is why he constantly follows advancements in his area of expertise through scientific publications.

With his experience in sports (he was a professional indoor volleyball and beach volley player) he later dedicated his work to alternative and modern medicine in the science of sport.

What some of our customers had to say

about our videos and acupressure

"I was able to lower the levels of stress hormones"


Hi Bostjan,


I was practicing the burnout treatment for three weeks now. In this time, I've been able to lower the levels of stress hormones in my body. I'm happy with the results ...

You also deserve special praise because of your level of commitment to your customers.


I will surely buy more videos from you.

Have a nice weekend,



Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe

"I feel more calm"


After the stimulation, I feel more calm and I think I have become less "tense" - more serene... I am very pleased with everything you've done. Thank you.


Greta Mazovec

Domzale, Slovenia, Europe

"I haven't had a headache in 6 months now!"

I've been having severe headaches quite regularly, 2 to 3 times a month. I've been using Aspirin to relieve the pain because acetaminophen didn't work for me.

I found your video "Get rid of headaches" on the Internet.

Although you sad I had to practice acupressure every day for two weeks, my headaches miraculously disappeared after the first use of acupressure points that are presented on your video.

After three months, I got a headache again and I remembered acupressure and did the treatment again.

From then on, I haven't had a headache in 6 months now!

Have a nice day,

Sreco Skapin

Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe

"I'm really satisfied"



I must say I'm really satisfied with the presentation of the acupressure points and the quality of your video.


bye,  Uroš

Skofja Loka, Slovenia, Europe

 And there are many more...

We'd like to hear your story, too!

It's up to you to act now and start relieving

your health issues today

 Go ahead, get the video(s) to help you with your health issue(s) now.

Choose your video from the list of available videos and begin your journey towards health today.

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Here's to YOUR health!


Acupressure videos authors

P.S. Will you do me a favor?

Go get the video for the health issue that's bothering you right now. Watch it and practice acupressure as described in the video for up to 60 days! And if the quality of the video or the effect of acupressure doesn't far exceed your wildest expectations, simply write me back and I'll personally refund you in full.

I'm so confident acupressure we present in our videos will help you get rid of your health problem that I'm willing to risk it all. 3000 years of knowledge that passed the test of time can't be wrong. Neither can be 30 years of "miracles" Milena pulled off to date. Go ahead, the inner healer inside you is waiting...


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